Effortlessly send and monitor email campaigns
(and for an unbeatable price)

Email marketing redone from the ground up

We've taken email marketing and rebuilt it from scratch. Whether you're sending out a newsletter or you want to send transactional emails on the fly, we've put it all into one place centered around your users.
Our service is designed to be simple and easy to use, with reporting tools anyone can interpret and all packaged up with transparent (and unbeatable) pricing.
Oh, and if you've used other email services (Mailchimp, Mailjet...), you can import all your contacts, campaigns and statistics at the click of a button - we wouldn't want you starting from scratch, would we!?

Unbeatable price

It's simple - like-for-like service, we're cheaper than anyone else, with just the same rock solid deliverability. And our basic package is totally free, no credit card required :-)

One stop shop

Whether you're sending a transactional email or a newsletter, Mailhen offers one simple interface (giving you the whole story when viewing a contact's analytics and interactions with your site)

Be totally white label

Don't like that silly monkey logo? With Mailhen, you don't have to. From the click tracking URLs to the sender address, you can be totally white label

Manage multiple accounts

If you've got more than one website or service, you can setup multiple accounts and switch between them with ease from one central login. No more remembering which password for which account.

Features whether you're big or small

Rapid API

Our RESTful API will allow you to interact in any way you like

A/B Testing and maximising clicks

Want to test a couple of different subject lines and then shoot with the most effective? Effortlessly setup A/B testing campaigns

Powerful reporting and segmentation tools

We've already tracked over half a million data points, and we're going to track many millions more. So let our powerful tools put easy analytics at your fingertips

Fully customisable

Our signup forms are designed to be fully customisable, so you can collect whatever user info you like, and even cross-promote other subscription lists

Wanna piece of the cake?

We're currently in an extensive private beta, but we'll be opening up to the public soon.
Drop us an email if you're keen to hear more.

Simple and transparent pricing

These days, email pricing seems more complicated than getting your first mortage. Luckily we've got 3 simple plans, and that's it. No contacts limit; no gold, silver, bronze; no surprise charges; just straight forward pricing, charged monthly and you can quit when you like